Looking for a pivotal solution design role in a dynamic enterprise that will challenge me to be highly productive and creative. 
As technical lead I've been at the core of numerous integration / automation / workflow projects over the last 10 years in Aviva Ireland.  leveraging both MS stack and 3rd party software to deliver complete solutions

I have a wide range of technical interests and skills from my favourite MS stack to Java & Oracle through to telephony and mail.  <h1>i like to create</h1> Continuous learning is one of my strongest skills and there aren't many tasks that I would shy away from.

If you would like a copy of my CV contact me by mail :: m@markgav.in
Currently working with full MS .NET Stack, Building Micro-services, Oracle, Twilio, WCF, Xamarin, Android Native, Node + some of the myriad of JS frameworks .

  • MS Stack #
  • Database #
  • Automation #
  • Mobile #
  • Communications #


CoderDojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology. I'm very lucky to be the lead technical mentor for our Portarlington dojo. We've grown from 25 ninjas in March to over 91 by September with a large waiting list.
#coderdojo || #socialgood || #tinkering


I have used automation in numerous projects from web based tools to business process workflow systems. For some of my own personal projects I've automated the process of logging into various online applications including AIB 24 banking and also both the Meteor website and the O2 website managing browser state via the use of http libraries and attaching the login process to external tools such as TWILIO's IVR telephony framework. .
In 2006 I developed a native android application that allowed users to see how many minutes/text/data they had available and also to send SMS using the webtext interface. The application had over 5000 downloads and whilst it is now out of service it was an excellent money saving tool.


I'm a big fan of any tools that enable disparate business areas to communicate in a more efficient and productive manner. I was the technical lead on an award winning project that allowed the company to push electronic images from multiple entry point such as email external web sites and paper to our citrix enabled workflow applications. The tool was called the Email Gateway and won the ultimate business hero award which is open to entries across the entire worldwide Aviva organisation. I was the team captain for the group that submitted the project to the awards committee.


I have been a finalist in the Aviva Global CIO Awards for showing Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Accountability and Performance. This was in recognition of the work done automating the business workflowing systems

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